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Abrosexual flag

Abrosexual is a term referring to those whose sexuality changes, it is also known as having a fluid sexuality. The genders an abrosexual being is attracted to, the intensity at which they feel said attraction, and similar aspects of their sexuality are fluid and will change over any period of time. Someone who is abrosexual could feel asexual on one occasion, and then feel like a lesbian on another occasion, and then polysexual on another.

The periods of time between a change in sexuality could be any length of time, for some it may be daily and for others it may be completely random, and the amount of sexualities that an abrosexual being is fluid between also varies; an abrosexual being could be fluid between any amount of orientations imaginable.

History & Coining[]

The term is thought to have originated on DeviantArt in 2013. It is unclear as to who exactly coined the term.

The prefix abro- is derived either from the Ancient Greek word ἁβρός (habrós) or its Modern Greek descendant αβρός (avrós), meaning "delicate" or "graceful". It is unclear as to whether this was significant in naming the term or not.

Flags & Symbols[]

The creator of the first abrosexual flag is unknown and it is unknown why this person chose these colors specifically. The flag has existed since at least July 3rd, 2015.



Abroromantic flag

> Abroromantic is a term referring to someone whose romantic orientation is fluid and changes. The abroromantic flag is the abrosexual flag with a heart graphic overlaid to represent romance, but it is unclear who coined the term or flag.


Abrocurious flag

> Abrocurious is a term referring to somebody who is questioning if they are abrosexual or not. The flag was designed by FANDOM user Unfunny person420.

> Tetriary attraction versions: Abroplatonic, Abrosensual