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Aliengender flag

Flag without emblem

Aliengender, also called aliegender, describes someone whose interpretation of their gender/genders feels as if it is from a non-human perspective. They may or may not like to adopt a gender or use other gender labels, but in a way that relates to an alien trying out foreign species’ genders. The term could also be a kingender but doesn't have to be.

A similar term would be externusgender.

History & Coining

Aliengender was coined in 2014 by a now deactivated Tumblr user, Genderghoul. It was submitted to and posted on Mogai-Archive, making it one of the original generations of MOGAI terms.


The aliengender flag was designed by an anonymous user of the blog Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags on June 18th, 2018.