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Aromantic (commonly abbreviated as aro) is a romantic orientation where one experiences little to no romantic attraction.

It is the counterpart of asexual where one experiences little to sexual attraction. [1]


The first found usage of the term aromantic can be found in 2002. It was on a Yahoo group called Human Amoeba on there a user called maxnova100 talks about not understanding why their friends throw away important things for a romantic relationship. Also speaking of an aversion to romance it's self (a term later known as "Romance repulsed"). Also mentioning this aversion doesn't mean they don't to keep company. In a direct quote from them they say "What would be an appropriate term for somebody who is not quite asexual but who dreads the concept of being in a “relationship?” Aromantic (LOL)" [2] Another significant moment in aromantic history regarding the terms coining was in 2005. In response to a poll where aromantics were commonly labeled as "asexual-asexuals" someone asked "Surely aromantic asexual would be a better way of describing it?" Though the question goes without an answer from others. Though the thread remains alive for a few years after that. By 2006 a few more users that were in that thread were using the term aromantic. [3]

Queerplatonic relationships[]

Queerplatonic relationships (commonly abbreviated as QPRs) are very common in the asexual and aromantic communities. Though anyone can be in a QPR. It is very common to refer to QPR's as zucchinis. This started off as a joke in the a-spec community. The joke was it didn't have any of the connotations as boyfriend,girlfriend, partner, joyfreind etc.[4]