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This is a list of coiners who have explicitly given guidelines on their terms regarding this wiki or fandom wikis in general

This page exists to refer to when adding, changing, or deleting terms. Terms can be added to Queerdom without explicit permission from every single coiner if their are no clear guidelines elsewhere and their terms are already on other wikis, however, it is preferred that if there aren't other fandom wiki pages on a term, to ask the coiner!

The list works like this:

  • Consented: any coiner that has explicitly consented to their terms being added to Queerdom specifically, or any wikis in general in any way - this does not mean they have no specific guidelines
  • Do Not Add: any coiner that has explicitly said not to add their terms to Queerdom specifically, or not to add them to any wikis

Any extra requirements must go after the coiner's name.

This page can be edited, but only edit this page if you are adding your name or changing your requirements as the coiner or have sent staff proof of coiner's response to being asked. We'd like for it to only be the coiners and trusted staff that change any of the coiner boundaries, please don't get friends to do it and try to do it on a recognisable account - you can add multiple socials (eg. your Tumblr user is pinkcats, and youre adding your name on your fandom account, catsarepink, you add pinkcats (Tumblr) / catsarepink (fandom) to your name)

Example: pinkcats (Tumblr) / catsarepink (fandom) - do not extend my definition's wording, don't make flags without my permission (message me on Tumblr)

Even if a coiner doesn't specifically say 'don't redefine the term' or otherwise, use common sense and don't do this kind of thing without permission.

Do Not Add[]



TheNelsonSystem - do not change meanings/uses, or add meanings/uses to terms without permission (DM us on Tumblr or ask in term comments)

icarusoblivion [wiki]/[tumblr] - do not change meanings/uses, or add meanings/uses to terms without permission (DM on Tumblr or discord)

kenochoric (Tumblr) - so long as they're defined accurately and there's sources to its coining

pinkfruitgender (Tumblr) - make sure they are accurately represented and that sources (archived) are included

liminal-mushrooms (Tumblr) - make sure the definition isn’t altered at all, and the proper links are there

gender-merchant (Tumblr) - my original post must be linked somewhere on the page, or my original description must be listed word for word

mogai-sunflowers (Tumblr) - do not change my terms

sleepypapillion (Tumblr) - as long as the definition isn’t altered in any way and there’s sources to the coining

creamyori-mogai (Tumblr) - as long as you aren't on my DNI, you can add them

kamomigender (Tumblr) - as long as I'm firmly credited and the term isn't changed from what I originally defined it as

koraki-pharmakis/koraki-mogai (Tumblr) / Localcorvid (fandom) - no flags or definitions by non-Hellenists for any religious terms, and pages use at least the sources on the term's Ezgender Wiki page (as I write those myself and include everything I believe is vital)

comfycoric (Tumblr) - keep to the original definition and credit me :))

themogaidragon (Tumblr)