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Finsexual is a term for someone who is exclusively attracted to those who are feminine in nature (hence the term FIN). This can be either in their gender and/or gender presentation. Someone who identifies as finsexual can experience attraction to any gender presenting femininely and/or any feminine-aligned genders. What counts as feminine in nature is up to the individual.

The term has been deemed very similar to the term gynesexual and is sometimes and in some cases considered synonymous, however, due to gynesexual having multiple definitions, finsexual is still a unique term.

History & Coining[]

Finsexual was coined on July, 2014 by Tumblr user pleurocarpous via pride-flags-for us (PFFU).[1]


The flag was created on the same day by Mod Raleigh (pastelmemer) and Tumblr user mutezeppeli. It has no confirmed meaning.[2]


  • ent femininely = is the romantic counterpart
  • ntart.com/pride-f is the -flexible variant. Someone who is finflexible usually experiences finsexual attraction, with the occasional attraction to non-feminine-aligned genders or individuals that don't present femininely


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