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Gendersylphen (also called Genderfaonen, Genderfeoren, or Genderfenen) is a microlabel under the genderfluid umbrella where someone's gender is fluid between xenogenders, or more uncommon masculine/feminine gender identities, either exclusively or near-exclusively. Someone who identifies as gendersylphen will never experience feeling like a binary woman or binary man and will almost always identify within the non-binary, masculine, or feminine spectrum. This gender is also a microlabel of genderfloren (when someones gender is only fluid between genders that are not 100% binary), however, this term specifically includes xenogenders and uncommon identities.


Gendersylphen flag

History & Coining[]

Gendersylphen was coined on November 2nd, 2020.

Flags & Symbols[]

Gendersylphen flag was created as a version of the Gendersylph flag that has been slightly changed to also represent femininity and masculinity with a more prominent pink and blue.

Another Gendersylphen flag was created by FANDOM user Hayden&co on May 10, 2021, and it was coined due to the fact that the first flag could be seen as similar to the MAP flag (though this was not a purposeful thing). The colour meanings of this flag are:

  • Turquiose- Masculinity without being male
  • Lime green- Agender/ Unaligned Genders
  • Yellow- Nonbinary/ Neutral aligned genders
  • White- Fluid and/or fluctuating gender
  • Orange- femininity without being female
  • Pink- Uncommon/Exclusive identities
  • Purple- Xenogenders



Demisylphen flag

> Demisylphen refers to someone whose gender is partially static and partially gendersylphen.


Pangenderslyphen flag

> Pangenderslyphen is the static version of gendersylphen, coined on March 6th, 2021 by Discord user ⤞Amoris/Flurry⤝. It refers to someone who identifies as being all xenogenders, masculine genders, feminine genders, and otherwise uncommon identities other than binary male and female. Identifying as pangendersylphen doesn't mean that the individual relates to every single one of these genders. It can refer to all genders that the person knows, all within reason, a seemingly infinite amount, or similar. The flag was made by Wikia user Zer0Rebel4 on the same day of coinage.