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Lesboy flag

Lesboy flag

A Lesboy or sometimes boy/male/man lesbian is someone who identifies as both a boy/man and a lesbian. There are multiple ways in which someone may identify this way, some of which are:

  • Multigender or genderfluid individuals who identify as a lesbian even whilst identifying as a boy/man
  • Butch or gender non-conforming, or other lesbians who enjoy being referred to, perceived as, or presenting as a boy/man
  • Transmasculine individuals who are also lesbians and use the term boy for themselves
  • Binary transgender men who are still connected to their assigned sex at birth and/or still feel connected to the term lesbian
  • Non-Binary boys/men, demiboys, or other masculine/man-aligned genders who are also lesbians
  • Feminine/Woman-aligned trans boys, azurboys, and similar genders who are also lesbians
  • Those who feel somewhere in between the boundaries of 'men' and 'non-men' and identify as lesbians
  • Cusper individuals who are between trans man and gender non-conforming woman or similar experiences
  • A cross-aligned lesbian, such as a man-aligned/solarian girl or a woman-aligned/lunarian boy.
  • Any other experience of queer or gay attraction to women or non-men

History & Coining

Similarly to the experiences of bi-lesbians and other m-spec lesbians (lunians), lesbians who identified as boys or men (most of which were butch and gender non-conforming lesbians or similar at the time) were previously welcomed within the lesbian community before the effects of lesbian separatism took place.

It is seemingly unknown when the term lesboy was coined.

Despite this, lesboys & male lesbians have been a documented part of the lesbian community for decades, especially lesboys who are cuspers between transgender men and butch lesbians. Many historic he/him and butch lesbians would likely be described as lesboys in the modern day. For example, historic butch lesbian Leslie Feinberg wrote of the fine line between transmasculinity and lesbianism on multiple occasions.

Stormé DeLarverie, the Black butch lesbian whose scuffle with police started the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969, was a butch he/him lesbian and drag king who also performed as a man for portions of his life, and who was referred to and identified as a "gentleman" at multiple points. As such, he may be considered a lesbian man.

The specific shortening of "lesboy," however, is newer than the culture of lesbian boys and men.


On October 8 2020, Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags posted a Sapphic guy pride flag described as referring to, among others, "lesbian dudes."

On December 20th, 2020, the Lesboy pride flag was coined on the beyond-mogai-pride-flags blog on Tumblr.

On September 3 2021 hikus-pride-flags on Tumblr posted a butch-boy pride flag for butch lesboys. The same user posted a male lesbian flag on November 4 2021.


"A cusper lesbian, cross-aligned (guy-aligned/solarian gal or girl-aligned/lunarian boy), multigender/polygender (girlboy/boygirl), sapphogender/lesbogender guy or otherwise a boy that is gay for women." - Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags, 2020

"A lesbian who identifies as a boy/man in some way, or a boy/man that is gay for women." - Lesboys.com, 2021