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Muto-Disordered Gender System flag

The Muto-Disordered Gender System, also called the Mutodisorder System, is a gender system containing mutogenders that change in situations associated with mental and/or physical conditions and disorders, or symptoms of them. Most of the genders in the system are neurogenders, however, some genders featured will be describing experiences of physical conditions/disorders which are not covered by the term neurogender.

The term muto-disordered can also act as a stand-alone term to describe anyone that has a gender that changes due to something experienced in their conditions/disorders. It is essentially a huge umbrella term for the system.

There are five larger umbrella terms within the gender system.


- A neurogender that changes whilst experiencing an outbreak or episode related as a result of a mental disorder (exclusive to those with mental disorders involving having outbreaks/episodes)


- A neurogender that changes whilst experiencing hallucinations or delusions


- A neurogender that changes whilst experiencing an emotion or feeling associated with the individual's disorder(s)

- Genderunstable - instability


- A neurogender that changes whilst experiencing something specific to a disorder that is not covered by the other categories


- A gender that changes whilst experiencing a physical challenge involving a disorder/condition

History & Coining[]

The gender system was coined on July 2nd, 2021, by FANDOM user TheNelsonSystem


The flag was made on the same day by the same user.

Its colours were inspired by the pride flag mixed with the mutogender flag, with a coloured neurogender symbol in the center.