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Mutoic, previously called mutosexual, is a term for when someones orientation changes in response to a situation. It can refer to a changing sexuality, romantic orientation, other types of attraction, aroace-spec orientation, amory, and such. Someone who identifies as mutoic can experience this with any form of attraction, not just sexual. For example, they could experience being a lesbian in one situation, asexual and homoromantic in another, and aroaceflux in another.

The term was coined to be an orientation counterpart to mutogender


Mutoic can be used to apply to any form of orientation or attraction. If someone wishes to use a more specific term, they may use:

Mutoicsexual (sexuality), mutoicromantic (romantic orientation), mutoic-attracted/ mutoic-attractional (attraction), mutoicamorous/ mutoamorous (amory), mutoic-ace/mutoic-aro/mutoic-aroace (aroace-spec)

History & Coining[]

Mutoic was coined under the name mutosexual on March 21st by FANDOM user TheNelsonSystem. It was later renamed on June 30th by the same user as it conflicted with the name of another term.

The prefix muto- was taken from mutogender, to mean 'change'.


The flag was made on the same day by the same user. The colours are inspired by the mutosexual flag and are made to be a cooler version of said flag.