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Nebularomantic is a neurosexuality similar to platoniromantic, but experienced due to the individual's neurodivergencies. Someone who identifies as nebularomantic is unable to or has difficulty identifying the difference between romantic and platonic attraction because of their neurodivergencies. They may or may not label their romantic orientation due to this, but find that nebularomantic is a helpful and important part of their orientation as it describes their state of difficulty/confusion.

The term is exclusive to neurodivergent individuals.


> Nebulasexual is the sexual attraction counterpart of nebularomantic that describes someone who has difficulty identifying the difference between sexual attraction and other types of attraction

> Nebularoace describes someone who is both nebulasexual and nebularomantic

History & Coining[]

The term seems to have been coined by Tumblr user, nonpuellamagi, according to one more trusted source. However, another source states that it was coined by Tumblr user space-revolutionary and it is unknown which of these is correct.\

The prefix nebula- comes from the Latin word nebulous, meaning "clouded" or "unclear".


The nebularomantic flag was created in 2015 by Tumblr user Can-I-Hide-In-You by colour-picking from a picture of a nebula.