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Neurogender flag

Neurogender Symbol

Neurogender symbol

Neurogender is an umbrella term that is a subtype of xenogender (in some cases), describing when someone's gender is related or linked to ones neurodivergency/neurodiversity in some way. Someone that identifies as neurogender is not claiming that their neurodivergency is a gender itself, but that it affects their gender or ability to identify their gender significantly, to the point where they cannot be separated or unlinked.

Being neurodivergent does not mean that you always identify as a neurogender and neurogenders are exclusive to those with the described experience or neurodivergency and cannot be used by neurotypicals or those that do not fit the group in which the gender is exclusive to.

Hisory & Coining[]

Neurogender was coined by Tumblr user aflutteringlaney via MOGAI-archive on or before July 30, 2014.

Flag & Symbols[]

The first neurogender flag was created on the Tumblr blog Pridearchive on August 13, 2014. The color meanings are as follows: Red, green, blue and purple represent the spectrum of different neurotypes and gender identities that neurodivergent individuals have. Black represents the aromantic and asexual spectrums. The infinity symbol represents neurodiversity.

The neurogender symbol was designed by system-lgbt on Tumblr on July 28, 2018. The symbol was based on the disability flag by capriuni.

Example Identities[]

Below are some examples of neurogenders on this wiki:

> Genderunstable - a gender that is affected by or changes when one is in an unstable state