Queerdom Wiki

The ability to edit pages on the wiki is an important part of growing the community and creating a reliable space. Anyone can edit a page, you do not need permission in most cases, however, there are certain guidelines as to what can and cannot be edited on or added to a page. Below, we have included a mix of both what is useful to edit, and what should not be edited.

Grammar + Format Editing

This is an important part of wiki editing and it is encouraged! Below are some examples of useful grammar and format editing:

  • Changing a page's format to fit the format we use (example in page creation)
  • It is not 100% mandatory, but we tend to avoid words like 'person' or 'human' as they can sometimes cause species dysphoria for alterhuman folks. Changing them to words like 'individual/s', 'folk/s', 'being/s' or otherwise
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Terminology mistakes, such as the shortened version of identities (ie. using 'enby' in place of non-binary)
  • Improving wording, making an article easier to read, or similar

Definition Editing

The definition of a term should not be edited without the coiner's permission unless the term was previously exclusionary and is being publicly reclaimed. An individual cannot publicly reclaim a term by this wiki's rules. If you see a term that is unnecessarily excluding others, is discriminatory, is a troll term, or is otherwise dangerous, please let the staff know through the fandom's Discord server or by messaging staff and the term may be reclaimed or may just be deleted. This includes flag meanings. Flag meanings can not be added, changed, removed, or reworded without the coiner's permission, and staff should be alerted if a flag's meaning is exclusionary

These rules differ when it comes to somebody who did not coin an identity, but has wrongly defined the identity when creating a page for it or there is another well-known definition of the term. In this case, it is acceptable to correct the article to the original term's definition, or to add the alternate definition of the term. This does not mean that you can coin new term definitions yourself as that would be against the original coiner's intentions, see the start of this segment, definitions added should be widely recognised.

Coiner + Coining Date Editing

If a page already has a coiner name and date on it (whether this is on the history or flag part of the page), though you have obvious proof that the coiner is somebody else or the coining date is different, do not act on it yourself. Please alert staff if possible with the proof of this and this info can be changed. What we will not act on:

  • A term that has the same name as an existing term - we will not change the page in favour of another term unless the other is significantly more known (if another term shares a name, this can be added to the wiki by adding the differentiating info to its name in brackets, eg. <name> (xenogender))
  • A flag that looks similar to another flag, but is not an exact copy - it is possible for folks to have the same idea and if you wish to create an alternate different flag, you may unless told otherwise
  • Not crediting somebody due to them being controversial - the coiner of a term or flag is still important and should be listed
  • Adding a coiner's name to a page that originally stated that the coiner wishes to remain anonymous - if a coiner is public elsewhere and anonymous on the wiki, that is completely acceptable and should be respected

Adding Flags + Modifiers

Unless the coiner of the term states on their page that they would like to give permission before someone adds a flag or coins a modifier to their identity, this can be done without permission. Requirements for this are:

  • Flag and modifier meanings must stay true to the meaning of the term, and not discriminate against anybody the term covers
  • Alternate flags should go underneath the main flag and should not be larger in size - this changes in the circumstance of an exclusionary flag, but staff should be alerted and the individual shouldn't take matters into their own hands
  • Modifiers such as -romantic, -flux, -fluid, demi-, and others, can be added to a 'Modifiers' heading on the page, or coined on a separate page if significant enough

Adding Categories

Categories can be added to the page at any time without permission, be sure that the categories you add suit the main definition of the term and refrain from creating your own categories without staff's knowledge if possible or unless absolutely necessary. Categories we know that we will not be adding:

  • Exclusionary, discriminatory, or illegal terms (ie. MAPs, Semi-Bisexual, Zoophilia etc.) - we want this wiki to be as trigger-free and safe as possible
  • Categories for smaller umbrella terms (ie. libragender)
  • Bigoted, exclusionist, or inclusionist groups (ie. M-Spec Exclusionist, Armored Achillean) - we want this wiki to be as trigger-free and safe as possible + we do not find inclusionist groups to be relevant to this wiki
  • Reclaimed slurs - we want this wiki to be as trigger-free and safe as possible

Editing Cultural Identities

Since cultural identities are often misrepresented, it is recommended that you refrain from editing cultural identity articles beyond grammar and formatting fixes and it is also recommended that wording as well is not changed unless you are a part of the culture yourself and know about the identity.

The only exceptions to this rule is if you are working with those from the culture in the Discord server or elsewhere publicly, or if you are a staff member editing the page in the name of those from the culture (if the page is locked for example or they do not know how to edit the page themselves). It is also recommended that if you find a significant issue with a cultural identity article, or want to create the page for a significant one, to let staff know and we will form a community poll and discussion based around how the page should be.


Please do not attempt to fix vandalism yourself. Alert staff as soon as possible through the Discord server or messaging them, and the staff will perform a rollback and/or lock the page. If you are found to be vandalising a page, you will be punished accordingly and will not be able to edit pages on Queerdom any longer.