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Alternate Roseromantic flag

Roseromantic is a microlabel on the aromantic spectrum that refers to someone who wants or enjoys the idea of romantic attraction/romantic activities, but becomes romance-repulsed after a certain period of time.

The sexual counterpart is rosesexual and the sexual-romantic counterpart is dualrose.

Cupioromantic describes someone who wants to have a romantic relationship/experience romantic attraction, but doesn't/isn't able to. This is NOT the same as roseromantic.

History & Coining[]

The term roseromantic was coined by Instagram user nemegai on 25th February 2021.


The roseromantic flags were coined by Instagram user nemegai on 25th February 2021. The flags' color meanings are as follows: Pink represents love, romance, and is a common colour seen in roses, yellow represents loyalty, being spontaneous and unstable, and the pistil of a rose, and green represents being on the aromantic spectrum, along with the stalk of a rose.