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Sporadic-Ace flag

Sporadic-Ace is a term for those on the asexual spectrum whose sexual attraction does not follow a specific pattern and feels sporadic. The individual will experience sexual attraction at a randomised rate, meaning that they may never fit a consistent label otherwise. Someone who identifies as sporadic-ace is almost always on the asexual spectrum, but could experience being asexual towards one person or at one point in their life, and apothisexual another.

The romantic counterpart is Sporadic-Aro and the gender counterpart is Gender-Sporadic.

History & Coining[]

Term coined by FANDOM user Onisia on January 21st 2021


The Sporadic-Ace flag was created by the same user on January 21st 2021. Grey stripes on the flag represent existing in the grey areas of the asexual spectrum, the light red stripes represent a sporadic experience of sexual attraction, the deep purple stripes represent being near or close to being asexual at times, and the black stripe represents an overall lack of sexual attraction / not experiencing full sexual attraction at all times.