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The Trans Flag

Transgender, often shortened to Trans, is a term referring to an individual whose gender identity does not correspond with their assigned gender at birth. It is not a gender identity on its own, rather a gender modality.

Transgender symbol

The Trans Symbol

The opposite is cisgender.

The Trans Umbrella[]

The term trans on its own does not solely refer to men who were assigned female at birth or women who were assigned male at birth. To reflect this, the trans umbrella includes both binary and non-binary individuals, although not all non-binary individuals identify as transgender.

Binary Trans[]

Binary trans individuals are those who identify, solely and statically, as one of the two Western binary genders. This includes both binary trans women and binary trans men, often referred to simply as trans women and trans men.

  • Trans women are women who were generally not assigned female at birth, most commonly referring to women who were assigned male at birth. Trans women may also identify as transfeminine.
  • Trans men are men who were generally not assigned male at birth, most commonly referring to men who were assigned female at birth. Trans men may also identify as transmasculine.
  • Binary trans individuals may also have been assigned x at birth or unassigned at birth.

Non-Binary Trans[]

Non-Binary gender identities are inherently included by the term transgender, and any non-binary individual can identify as transgender, if they wish. Many, but not all non-binary individuals, don't identify as trans and do not use the label transgender to describe their experiences/identities.

Non-Binary individuals may also identify as transneutral, transfeminine, transmasculine or a number of other terms depending on an individual's gender identity.


Black Trans Flag

The Black/POC Trans Flag

The flag was designed by trans woman Monica Helms in 1999 and was first shown in a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona. The flag was two blue stripes, the traditional color for boys, two pink stripes, the traditional color for girls, and a white stripe representing non-binary, transitioning, and intersex individuals.

Ottawa Trans Flag

Michelle Lindsay's Trans Flag

The most common transgender symbol is a mix of the female symbol, male symbol, and the androgyny symbol. The symbol was designed in the early 1990s by Holly Boswell, Wendy Parker, and Nancy R. Nangeroni.

Israeli Transgender and Genderqueer Pride Flag

The Israeli Trans Flag

The black transgender/POC flag was created by trans activist and writer Raquel Willis as a symbol to show the level of violence towards those who are both people of color and transgender, as a way to spread awareness and to allow trans individuals of color to be prideful. Although it's use in Black Trans Liberation Tuesday in 2015, some feel that this flag erases non-binary identities by erasing the white stripe.

"The Trans Flag," created by graphic designer Michelle Lindsay in Ottowa, Canada incorporates sunset fuscia to represent female, ocean blue to represent male, and the unicode transgender symbol overlaid in white to represent the trans community as a whole.

The Iraeli transgender and genderqueer pride flag has an unknown creator. The flag has been used in pride protests across Israel. It also has a counterpart with a black base and neon green symbol.

Alternative Flags[]